1 Day Congo Safari Tour to Kisantu Gardens and Mbanza Ngungu

1 Day Congo Safari Tour to Kisantu Gardens and Mbanza Ngungu: Safari Overview

1 Day Congo Safari Tour, 1 Day Congo Tour to Kisantu Gardens and Mbanza Ngungu – Explore the Green Treasure Chest of Congo & Underground Caves. This Day Trip offers the opportunity to explore the historical Kisantu Botanical gardens and the Mbaza Ngungu Caves. At 120km to the south of Kinshasa in the Province of Bas-Congo, Kisantu Botanical Gardens spreads over 225ha traversed by 12.5km of trails which are used by vehicles and pedestrians to explore the gardens.
Kisantu Botanical Gardens were established by Jesuit Justin Gillet in 1990 and today stand with over 3,000 indigenous and exotic species making it one of the significant ex-situ conservation sites in Africa.  The herbarium is among the oldest and richest in destination Congo while others like new orchid shade house, arboretum and cactus green house generate rich wonders that are worth exploring.

1 Day Congo Safari Tour

1 Day Congo Safari Tour

The Kisantu Botanical Gardens are traversed by the beautiful Inkinsi River forming impressive scenic encounters.

From Kisantu Botanical Gardens, you proceed to Mbanza Ngungu the town in Bas Congo that form the background for the naming of the adjacent caves. Standing at 2,296 feet above sea level in the Lower Congo River basin stretching to 750km2, the Caves have water supply from River Congo and are habitats to African Blind Barb Fish and apparitions that have evolved millions of years past.  The caves could be home to other unique fish species or invertebrate species among others that are not yet explored.

Retire from the activity and drive back to Kinshasa to mark the end of the Excursion