Murchison falls in Uganda

Murchison falls in Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori Uganda

Okapi in Congo

Okapi in Congo

Elephants at Murchison falls national park Uganda

Elephants at Murchison falls national park Uganda

Gorilla Family in Rwanda

Gorilla Family in Rwanda


Can gorillas survive in captivity? – Congo gorilla safari news

Gorillas are the largest primates that fall under the Ape category. They are the only animals that possess a 95% DNA of human beings. During a Congo safari trip or Congo safari tour, you can enjoy a Congo gorilla safari tour in places like Kahuzi Biega National Park. Virunga National Park is in the Kivu premises is also a good spot for gorilla trekking. Virunga national park encompasses enthralling mighty silverback gorillas.

Wildlife in Uganda is also filled with a number of gorilla families that you could pick interest in. Uganda safari trips can have activities like Uganda gorilla tracking safaris. Many tourists enjoy having Gorilla trekking in Uganda Bwindi impenetrable forest. During such activities tourists also get the chance to do hiking activities in mountainous regions.

Congo safari

Western lowland Silverback gorillas are the most captivated primates.

The biggest number of gorilla habitats are always natural based. Most gorillas can survive up to 50years while in the wilderness regions. Many experiments have been made on gorillas in the European countries. Gorillas habits, behaviors, character traits etc. have been studied since time in memorial.

In actual reality, reputable wildlife organizations can not take gorillas captive because they do know the advantages and disadvantages of it.  Naturally, gorillas are primates that have a specific routine. From there feeding, movements, reproduction, family formation and space as well. It isn’t so easy to meet all their needs while in captivity. It is also difficult to put gorillas in captivity because they are becoming extinct. They are not found everywhere.

Do you think gorilla captivity is good?

According to research done, if gorillas are in captive areas, there way of life is completely altered. For example, gorillas are used to feeding themselves and they always have set periods when they look for food. This helps them to do daily exercise. But when in captivity, they feed more than they have to causing obesity in gorillas. It is also common for gorillas in captivity to die at early stages because of heart diseases or heart failure.

Gorillas are also very intelligent creatures. They can relate with one another, have emotions, have social life and many other effects. This makes them have similar traits to humans. The Great Ape Project an international organization was established to help in preserving, protecting the rights of the gorillas. Because they are also living creatures, they have the right to freedom, protection and should be free from torture and harassment.

Let’s try to protect the environment, fauna and flora and the wildlife in their original habitats. It is a task that was given to us by our Creator from the creation of this world.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Can gorillas survive in captivity? – Congo Gorilla Safari News.

Tips for a great Congo safari experience – Congo gorilla news

Having a great travel experience is the ideal opportunity for any person who travels to DR Congo. In Africa there is no doubt that you will have a marvelous time while traveling. There are a multitude of experiences or activities one can do to make their trip a memorable one. Take an example of Congo. Most tourists enjoy Congo gorilla safaris. You have an experience of trekking through the rain-forests, mountain areas in search for gorillas.

The difference between DR Congo and Uganda is the similarity. Isn’t it fascinating! It’s inevitable that no tourist can come to Uganda and remain the same. Many tourists who come to Uganda have unforgettable moments when they are on gorilla safaris in Uganda. Tourists are always inquisitive about activities done during Uganda safaris.

Congo safari tours are enthralling experiences. So as a visitor/tourist, you always have a few tips put in place to make your travel an enjoyable one. A few great trips are highlighted for you below.

Possess a good camera on a Congo safari

Having a digital or super zooming camera would be ideal to take on a safari. It is capable of capturing best shoots from all angles and points.

Listen to your safari guide

It is always cautious to listen to you tour guide because he or she always has your safety in mind. Follow the instructions given to avoid unpleasant situations.

Ask questions

Safari tours are always operated by professional guides and drivers. They are always in the loop and can be able to respond to your every question. Don’t be afraid to ask what so ever your question might be.

Binoculars are essential

On safari tours, there are some points that might be a bit far and others might be dangerous for the tourists. The guides always make sure that they get strategic points where the travelers can have a glance at what they are seeing. So, having binoculars can help you zoom the furthest points from your specific stand.

It is always our joy to see to it that you enjoy your tour in the most exhilarating way possible. Congo safaris will leave you breathe taking. Don’t miss out on the great experiences.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Tips for a great Congo safari experience – Congo Gorilla Safari News.

Kahuzi Biega Park on of a kind – Congo Gorilla safari news

A number of tourists who come for Congo safaris always think that there are only lowland gorillas in Congo. And actually, most tourists always make bookings for gorilla trekking in Congo. Reality wise, DR Congo is one richly blessed country with huge wildlife fauna and flora.

Kahuzi Biega National Park is one place that is less traveled and is one of Congo’s big secret. Kahuzi Biega park is seated on a 600,000 square km land area. It was established in 1970. Kahuzi is found in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in Bukavu town.

The park is covered with a beautiful scenery of rainforests, savannah areas, swamps and woodlands.  These favor the diversity of wildlife and birds.

On a Congo safari tour, you can enjoy quite a number of invigorating activities that will make you life time memories. A pick on a few fascinating activities is listed below.

Lowland gorilla tracking on a Congo safari

Kahuzi Biega is known to have one of the largest number of lowland eastern gorillas. It is quite a marveling experience that you would want to make for yourself. This activity exposes you to real life interaction with the gorillas. You always have a time to learn the different behaviors of the gorillas and how they relate.

Bird watching

Bird watching is a thrilling moment for tourists. Getting to see different birds in the park and how they interact with the nature. Kahuzi Biega is a park that harbors over 342 bird species, 42 endemics to the park. You will find birds like Congo Peafowl, African Green Broadbill and many others.

Nature walks

Kahuzi Biega is a park with flourishing nature that will leave you breathless. Tourists also have the privilege to enjoy nature walks with in the rain forest areas. This is also a chance to sight different wildlife that might be found along the walk.

Uganda on the other hand is also a center of beauty in Africa. It is also called the pearl of Africa. Travelers also enjoy having Uganda safari trips. Just like DR Congo, travelers who come to Uganda enjoy gorilla tracking safari tours.


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Kahuzi Biega Park on of a kind – Congo Gorilla Safari News.



Cheap air travel created for Africa – Congo gorilla safari news

Over the years, it has been a very costly venture to travel with in the African countries via air. Major Aviation Trade has been launched by the African Union to sort the issue of high airfare with in Africa. Sometime back, African countries used to rely on small bilateral agreements which were so limited.

Congo safaris


Over 23 African countries have signed the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) which is intended to help deduce the airfare movement between the African continent. This is a very good initiative because it will help promote domestic tourism. Not only in individual countries but also in the continent as a whole.

For example, if this agreement is put into practice, tourists who travel to Congo for Congo safaris/ Congo safari/ gorilla trekking in Congo can cheaply travel to Uganda for Uganda safaris/ Uganda safari tours/ gorilla safari to Uganda. And vis versa. This will also ease airport access of each country.

The AU Chairperson’s word…

The AU Chairperson and president of Rwanda Mr. Paul Kagame mentioned that this agreement is so important for market. He continued saying that it will help in the development of Africa as a continent. Signatories of this agreement were anxious and hoping for competitiveness amongst the countries. They also longed for the airfares to drop to increase accessibility.

Not all countries signed up for this deal. Out of the 54 African countries, 22 countries agreed to this decreased airfare transport market. Some of them Rwanda, Nigeria, republic of Congo, Togo Zimbabwe among others.

Amongst these countries, there are some cities that have the busiest airports in the continent. Cape town, Johannesburg, Nairobi etc.

The AU chairperson added that there are a number of projects underway that are being discussed. Agreement implementation on having a single African passport that can help you traverse freely through the African continent. The creation of an African free trade zone.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Cheap air travel created for Africa – Congo Gorilla Safari News.




Gorilla tourism marketing in Congo – Congo gorilla safari news

Congo is a very rich country when it comes to matters of wildlife, fauna and flora. And did you know that Congo is one of the largest countries in Africa. It is also bordering quiet a number of countries. Some of which are Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Zambia, Angola, Central African Republic among others.

Gorilla safaris in Congo is one of the best promotional tourism activities that do take place in Congo. Different tourists from all over the world have Congo safaris/Congo safari tour to enjoy the life time trips in DR Congo.

Endangerment of different wildlife is rampant in the world of nature. But particularly in Congo, over 800 mountain gorillas are endangered primates. These mountain gorillas can be found in the highlands of Virunga National park.

Gorilla trekking in Congo is the leading income earner in DR Congo. This is because it entails many things like employment opportunities. Such as game rangers and tour guides. But unfortunately, there arose a problem of insecurity that derails the booming activity.


Different strategies are put in place in the DR Congo to help in increasing the number of tourists in Congo. Training of the different tourist activists to help them associate freely with the tourists they do interact with.

Like Uganda, people always come for Uganda safaris/Gorilla tracking safari to Uganda. Just like Congo, Uganda has also improvised means of marketing and promoting tourism especially gorilla trekking tours.

We ought to preserve, protect and promote our wildlife. Because it is a good income earner and to also live the world flourishing with beauty of nature.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Gorilla tourism marketing in Congo – Congo Gorilla Safari News.




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