Combined Safari Tours

The Combined Safari Tours are extended Africa safari packages that include more than one country. The combined safari tours feature the destinations of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo including adventure tours, Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Wildlife Safaris and culture and heritage tours.

With the introduction of the Single Entry tourist Visa, the world traveller on safari in Uganda and Rwanda can use the same visa to explore the two destinations saving time and cost. A new Visa would be required only for the extension to Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Multi-country tours are very rewarding to undertake as they bring out the best in each destination presenting remarkable encounters on a single visit.    Talk of the Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Bonobos, Okapi, Congo River and Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo, Genocide sites, great culture and Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and Classic wild game including Big five with tree climbing lions of Ishasha, Imbalu circumcision festival among the Bagisu, Chimpanzees in Kibale, World’s most powerful Murchison Waterfalls and world’s longest Nile River in Uganda all stand as unique wonders that can be perfectly explored on Combined Safaris and Tours.

Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd operates in all the three countries with destination offices and thus posses the capacity to welcome you from any entry point in the three destinations before taking you on the respective safari.

Congo Rwanda and Uganda are known world over to be the only countries with the populations of the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas. Thus World primate enthusiasts can opt for combined Safaris if they wish to explore these species in all the three countries.

The Combined Safari Tours include two country safaris like Rwanda Uganda Safari Tours, Congo Uganda Safari Tours and Congo Rwanda Safari Tours and the three country safaris including Congo Rwanda and Uganda Safari Tours.


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