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Congo gorilla safaris

/Congo gorilla safaris
27 07, 2018

Congo gorilla trekking safari rules

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Gorillas habitats in Congo Congo gorilla safari encounters are so rewarding since it’s the only home in West Africa with both mountain and lowland gorillas. The mountain gorillas in Congo are found within Virunga national park in Virunga massif. Uganda’s Mgahinga national park and Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park are located [...]

23 07, 2018

Difference between mountain and lowland gorillas

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How the mountain and lowland gorillas are different? The mountain and lowland gorillas are the largest world living primates. The gorillas survive in two different species of eastern and western gorilla with each having two other sub species. Eastern lowland and mountain gorilla are sub species of the eastern gorilla. [...]

16 01, 2018

Silverback Gorillas in Congo – Congo gorilla safari news

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Silverback gorillas are a type of gorillas that are ranking 95% DNA share with humans. Besides other factors that might cut across, the population of gorillas and silverbacks in particular is drastically decreasing. This is because of the way human behavior has greatly affected their lives. We roughly have 700silverbacks [...]

30 10, 2017


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Thinking of a Congo gorilla Safari tour? With the return of peace and security in the Eastern part of this country,   Congo gorilla trekking tours are very interesting like never before. D.R. Congo presents amazing gorilla trekking safaris in only 2 National Parks, Virunga and Kahuzi Biega National Parks which [...]

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