Gorilla tourism marketing in Congo – Congo gorilla safari news

Congo is a very rich country when it comes to matters of wildlife, fauna and flora. And did you know that Congo is one of the largest countries in Africa. It is also bordering quiet a number of countries. Some of which are Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Zambia, Angola, Central African Republic among others.

Gorilla safaris in Congo is one of the best promotional tourism activities that do take place in Congo. Different tourists from all over the world have Congo safaris/Congo safari tour to enjoy the life time trips in DR Congo.

Endangerment of different wildlife is rampant in the world of nature. But particularly in Congo, over 800 mountain gorillas are endangered primates. These mountain gorillas can be found in the highlands of Virunga National park.

Gorilla trekking in Congo is the leading income earner in DR Congo. This is because it entails many things like employment opportunities. Such as game rangers and tour guides. But unfortunately, there arose a problem of insecurity that derails the booming activity.


Different strategies are put in place in the DR Congo to help in increasing the number of tourists in Congo. Training of the different tourist activists to help them associate freely with the tourists they do interact with.

Like Uganda, people always come for Uganda safaris/Gorilla tracking safari to Uganda. Just like Congo, Uganda has also improvised means of marketing and promoting tourism especially gorilla trekking tours.

We ought to preserve, protect and promote our wildlife. Because it is a good income earner and to also live the world flourishing with beauty of nature.


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Gorilla tourism marketing in Congo – Congo Gorilla Safari News.




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