Gorilla trekking safaris in Congo are the prime safari activity in the country because of the fact that Congo gorilla safari permits are cheaper than gorilla trekking safari Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safari permits. Virunga National Park is the natural habitat to Mountain Gorillas in Congo whereas Kahuzi Biega National Park is the lowland gorilla habitat. Many travellers wonder how much it could cost them to trek gorillas in Congo but then it is very affordable compared to the neighbouring countries. Before you are allowed to undertake a Congo gorilla tour, each tourist needs a gorilla trekking permit. A Congo gorilla trekking tour permit is a card issued by

Best Travel Tips For Congo Gorilla Trekking Safari Travellers

the Virunga National Park Authority as a pass to trek a gorilla to any tourist above the age of 15 years spending a maximum of 1 hour in theB presence of the gentle giants. If you are asking, how much does it cost to go gorilla trekking in Congo, here is a clear description of the Congo permit costs;

To trek a gorilla in Congo, non-nationals are required to pay USD 400 per person per trek. Congolese residents pay USD 150 for Congo gorilla trekking permit per person, per trek. USD 200 is paid for a single permit by Southern African Development Community nationals.  The Congo gorilla trekking safari permit price is the lowest in the world. In the low season, permits can go for up to USD200 for non-nationals.

How to get a Congo Gorilla Trekking Permit

Booking your permit prior is essential and this can best be done through a gorilla safari Congo tour operator. A tour operator is more familiar with the system and can help with all the necessary bookings. The tour operator also offers all the other necessary information and updates about the park.

Best time for trekking gorillas in Congo

Congo gorilla safaris are an all year round activity however, just like any other activity there is always a recommendable time for Congo tours to the gorilla homeland. Here is a guide of the on the yearly calendar about the weather and climate of Congo that will help you determine what the best time to trek gorillas in Congo;

January – February. These are usually fairly dry months of the year in Congo. This time is considered the short dry season of the country and a good time for Congo gorilla tours. However, it can easily rain at any time during this season though the chances are low and the rains are low/light.

March, April and May. The months of March, April and May form the rainy season of Congo. Many refer to this as the low season and not recommended for travellers to tour Congo in this period. However, this does not mean that the park is completely closed or trekking cannot be done. If it’s when you have the time for a safari, then no reason to worry because at this time, the park is open and in most cases, Congo gorilla tour permits are discounted. Accommodation is in most cases discounted too. Therefore, this is a good time for a Congo safari for budget travelers; you save and yet have the same great experience of spending a full hour in the presence of the elusive giants.

June, July and August. These months are considered the best time to trek gorillas in Congo since this is known as the dry season in the country. The advantage of taking a safari to Congo at this time is that many travellers are in the country, the forest of Virunga National Park is drier and therefore, it’s easier to trek gorillas. The grass is also shorter and therefore photography is easier to do.

Best Travel Tips For Congo Gorilla Trekking Safari Travellers

September – October are also still one of the best time to trek gorillas in Congo since the rains are low. This season is also great if you are planning to tailor in a Uganda tour, wildlife safari in Uganda or safari to Rwanda because the rains are less in the other countries too. This time is also ideal for a Tanzania safari for a hike to Mount Kilimanjaro.

November experiences light rains but still, gorilla trekking in Congo is possible.

By mid-December, it’s eased off to light showers and one best time for Congo gorilla trekking safaris. However, this season is a Christmas season and the need for Congo tour permits is high therefore you need to book early. In summary, therefore, the best time to trek gorillas in Congo is during the months of June-October and mid-December – February.

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After your Congo tours around Virunga national park, we too can tailor a 6 days Uganda gorilla trekking safari or 6 days’ gorilla safari Rwanda to Bwindi impenetrable national park and Volcanoes national park respectively. In conclusion, if you have time, you can combine your gorilla safari in Congo in Virunga National Park with a Rwanda safari. Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, Uganda safaris, short Uganda wildlife safaris, Uganda gorilla safaris, Uganda chimpanzee safaris, Uganda adrenaline adventures, Kampala city tours, Jinja city tours and many more.

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