What to Wear On Gorilla Trekking, Gear, and Clothes for Gorilla Safari in Uganda 

What to Wear On Gorilla Trekking

What to Wear On Gorilla Trekking

What to Wear On Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla Parks, Uganda gorilla trekking safaris, Uganda gorilla safari. Knowing the right clothes suitable for gorilla trekking safari in Uganda is equally very important. What you should put in mind is that gorilla trekking activities in Uganda is done in the ancient Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and hilly Mgahinga gorilla national park where the weather is very unforeseeable and this implies it can rain any time. When it rains, the trekking trails become very slippery, muddy and hence requires travellers on Uganda trekking safaris to   be aware of the what to wear on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

The following are the recommended clothes to carry for gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Long sleeved shirt or T-shirt on gorilla trekking is quite handy as it can quickly dry up just in case of rain, it can cover your arms from wild plants, anticipated bush thorns.

A light Rain Jacket or fleece or cheap poncho should be carried on your gorilla safaris because it rains almost all the time in Bwindi and Mgahinga where mountain gorilla trekking is done.

The Long Pants or Trousers on your Uganda Gorilla Trek are the best because in case it rains, they quickly dry up and they also offer an assured protection from the thorns, nettles and branches.

What Shoes to Put On While on A Gorilla Trek in Uganda.

What to Wear On Gorilla Trekking

Setting off for gorilla trekking

We strongly recommend travellers on their gorilla trekking safaris to come with boots for foot wear, because there are some deep mud as you walk in the gorilla trekking trails in the Impenetrable forest and hence you need to cover above the ankle. While in Uganda, you can look for knee-high rubber wellies, famously called gum boots. Hiking boots are best for the steep terrain of Bwindi Impentrable and Mgahinga National Parks.

Potential Travellers planning for an ultimate gorilla trekking experience in Uganda should not think about wearing white sneakers, sandals, Cool white sneakers because these will not automatically survive the slipper ,muddy trails in the dark Impenetrable forest and the mountainous areas of Mgahinga park. Most importantly to note is that, the boots should be light weight boots which can offer support and traction in the steep hills and slipper trails. For the case of socks, woolen socks are the best.

What to use for Covering Hands while on A Gorilla trek in Uganda.

Since gorilla trekking is done in the slippery trails, travellers are highly argued to use building gloves to cover their hands when trekking the mountain gorillas. These can help you to protect your hands from the injuries in case you slid in the muddy, slippery trails .Trekker can as well bring gardening gloves particularly the ones made out of cotton. Tourists should note that the gloves must be padded on the fingers and palms.

Summary of Packing List

Lightweight raincoat, Hiking boots, Cap/hat, Sweater (chilly evenings), Camera (no flash), Waterproof plastic bag (to wrap your camera and film in),

Gorilla Trekking Etiquette

For travellers who are planning to have a memorable gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, there are number of etiquettes one is supposed to follow when starting to trek, when spending the one magical hour with the stunning mountain gorillas in the ancient forest of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla Park

Before starting gorilla trekking:

A maximum number of 8 visitors may visit a group of habituated mountain gorillas in a day. This limit is set to help minimizes behavioral disturbances that can be caused by the large numbers of trekkers to the Mountain gorillas and also to reduce the risk of Gorilla exposure to human-borne diseases since they can be affected by human diseases.

Visitors should always wash their hands before they head out to the encounter the Mountain gorillas.

On the way to the gorillas:

Please always keep your voices low. You will also be able to observe the great bird life and other wildlife in the forest.

Do not leave rubbish in the park environ. Whatever you bring into the forest should be carried back out with you.

You will be taken to where the guides observed the gorillas the day before. From there you will follow the gorilla’s trail to find them. Look out for the gorilla’s nesting sites along the way!

When you approach the mountain gorillas, the guides will inform you to get ready.

When you are with the gorillas:

What to Wear On Gorilla Trekking

Mountain Gorilla Families

A 5 meter (15 feet) distance should be observed at all times from the gorillas. The further back you are, the more relaxed the group will be.

You must stay in tight group when you are near the gorillas.

Keep your voices down at all times. However, it is okay to ask the guide questions.

Do not smoke, drink or eat when you are near the gorillas. Eating or drinking inevitably will increase the risk of food/drink morsels/droplets falling, which could increase the risk of transmission of diseases.

Sometimes the gorillas charge. Follow the guides example (crouch down slowly, do not look the gorillas directly in the eyes and wait for the animals to pass). Do not attempt to run away because that will increase the risk.

Flash photography is not permitted especially when taking pictures, move slowly and carefully.

Does not touch or look at the Mountain gorillas direct to their eyes remember they are wild animals however much they habituated.

The maximum time you can spend with the gorillas is one hour. However, if the gorillas become agitated or nervous, the guide will finish the visit early.

After the visit keep your voices down until you are 200 meters away from the gorillas.