1 Day Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary Tour; Visit Ma Valle & Lukaya

This is an amazing Excursion featuring a combination of Primates, Adventure and Sightseeing. The featured destinations include; Lola ya Bonobo, the Ma Valle and the Chutes du Lukaya.

Bonobos are amazing primate species which are so close to human beings sharing over 99% of their DNA. The Lola ya Bonobos established by Claudine Andre in the year 1994 and now standing as the only Orphaned Bonobo Sanctuary on a world scale is very exciting to explore. Bonobo initially referred to as Pygmy Chimpanzee is a member of the Great Apes and considered endangered world over. The Bonobos thrive only in the Congo basin.


From the Lola ya Bonobos, you proceed to explore Ma Vallee and the Lukaya falls for nature experience and amazing sightseeing. Positioned along the Lukaya River to the south of Kinshasa, Lukaya Falls rise to 1m high.

The waterfalls empty into a time lake marked by a sandy beach where you can settle for a thrilling lunch and swimming.