Rwanda Wildlife Safaris: Rwanda Wildlife Safari, Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda for Game Viewing.

Rwanda wildlife safaris or wildlife safaris in Rwanda are amazing Rwanda safari tours to top Rwanda safari parks. Experience wildlife viewing and Chimpanzee trekking safaris. Dubbed the land of thousand rolling hills, Rwanda is indeed one of the prime destinations of an African safari tour. A visit to Rwanda is highly rewarding as it puts you in prime position to enjoy an African safari from a unique point of view given its diverse wildlife bio diversity and a unique culture. An African safari to Rwanda is highly rewarding as it gives an opportunity to interface with the endangered mountain gorillas which can be found in the volcanoes national park with 10 habituated gorillas, other in habitants in this national park include golden monkeys, Virunga ranges, 178 recorded bird species with 13species and 16 subspecies being endemic to the Virunga and Rwenzori mountains.

Rwanda wildlife SafarisA visit to the volcanoes is really incomplete without a nature walk to the Dian Fossey tombs to pay tribute to the great champion of conservation of the elusive mountain giants the mountain gorillas, take a detour to the Nyungwe Forest National Park and enjoy a canopy walk in one of east Africa’s tropical rain forest and you will be amazed and how breath takingly beautiful the world is from an elevated view point.

Nyugwe National Park is home to a diverse wildlife which includes 32 amphibians, 38 reptiles, 275 bird species, about 1000 plant species and 13 primate species like the common chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, vervet monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey, l’hoest monkeys, red tailed monkeys, olive baboons, dent’s mona monkeys, silver monkeys, hamlyn’s monkeys and angola colobus monkeys, all these await you on your visit to this part of Rwanda.

Proceed to the eastern part of Rwanda and pay homage to Akagera National Park and get to experience another side of Rwanda that you couldn’t easily believe it existed as this park is totally different from other national park’s in Rwanda which have thick forests and have high elevations but Akagera National Park is low land dry savannah park filled with African savannah mammals which include Africa’s big 5’s game ie lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, hippos, zebras, masai giraffes, sitatungas, topis, roan antelopes, and about 500 bird species. Climax your safari to Rwanda with a visit to the Rwandan genocide monument and get to hear true stories of the devastations the Rwandan people endured during the bloody genocide that took place in 1994 and totally changed the lives of many Rwandan families.

Sample Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda, Rwanda Wildlife Safari Packages, Rwanda Wildlife Safaris & Cultural Tours Itineraries.

Lake Kivu

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Virunga National Park

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Kibale Forest National Park

The 5 days Congo Low Land Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking safari in Rwanda is one of the highly rewarding safaris that will allow you to trek the stunning lowland gorillas Read More

6 days Uganda Gorillas and Chimpanzee Trekking safari

The 7 Days Wild Game Tour in Rwanda is one of the interesting Tours that can provide you a unique opportunity to explore Nyungwe national park dubbed primate capital Read More

Okapi calf Epulu

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Elephant at Kahuzi-biega Park Congo gorilla trekking safaris

12 Days Primate & Wildlife Adventure Safari in Rwanda & Congo is a diverse two country safari encounter starting and ending in Kigali Rwanda. The Safari incorporates great primate Read More

Location of Rwanda

The Republic of Rwanda is a land-locked country located in central Africa. It is bordered on the east by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with which it shares the shores of Lake Kivu; on the north by Uganda; on the west by Tanzania; and on the south by Burundi. Rwanda is a small country with an area of 26,338 square kilometers (10,169 square miles). Comparatively, Rwanda is about the size of the state of Maryland. The capital city of Kigali is in the center of the country.

Climate-The average daytime temperature is around 24°C, except in the higher mountains, which take up a lot of the country, where the range is 10°C to 15°C. Rwanda can be visited at any time of year. The dry season from mid-May to mid-October is easier for tracking mountain gorillas, but the endless hills are barren, a contrast to the verdant greens of the wet season. Peak season for gorilla tracking is July and August; travelling outside this time means it is easier to arrange a permit.

It rains more frequently and heavily in the northeast, where the volcanoes are covered by rainforest. The summit of Karisimbi (4507m), the highest peak in Rwanda, is often covered with sleet or snow.

Language-In addition to the indigenous language of Kinyarwanda, French and English are official languages. French is widely spoken throughout the country. In the capital and other tourist centres, many people speak English.

Economy-Primarily a subsistence agriculture economy, Rwanda nonetheless produces for export some of the finest tea and coffee in the world. Other industries include sugar, fishing and flowers for export.

Hiking and biking-The fine road network, with little traffic, offers wonderful opportunities for long bicycle trips across the verdant hills and valleys. Mountain biking and hiking can be enjoyed on the thousands of kilometres of fine rural trails linking remote villages, criss-crossing the entire country.

Religions-The majority of Rwandans, about 65%, are Roman Catholic, with another 9% Protestant. Only about 1% of the population is Muslim. About a fourth of Rwandans are adherents of indigenous beliefs. However, these numbers and divisions are not clear cut. Many Rwandans practice both their traditional religion and Christianity at the same time.

Public Holidays-Good Friday and Easter Monday, which fall on variable dates, are recognized in Rwanda. Other public holidays are:

1 January (New Year’s Day); 1 February (National Heroes Day); 7 April (Genocide Memorial Day); 1 May (Labour Day); 1 July (Independence Day); 4 July (National Liberation Day); 15 August (Assumption Day);1 October (Patriotism Day); 25 December (Christmas Day), and 26 December (Boxing Day).


The Rwandan Franc (Frw/Rwf) is the legal currency in Rwanda. American Dollars and Euros are accepted in some hotels and restaurants however expect to receive your change in Rwandan Francs.

What is the Geography of Rwanda?

Rwanda is a landlocked republic in Equatorial Africa, situated on the eastern rim of the Albertine Rift, a western arm of the Great Rift Valley, on the watershed between Africa’s two largest river systems: the Nile and the Congo. Much of the country’s 26,338 km2 is impressively mountainous, the highest peak being Karisimbi (4,507m) in the volcanic Virunga chain protected by the Volcanoes National Park. The largest body of water is Lake Kivu, but there areother numerous lakes around the country, notably Burera, Ruhondo, Muhazi and Mugesera, some of which have erratic shapes following the contours of the steep mountains that enclose them.

Getting to Rwanda

The main airport in Kigali is the Kanombe International Airport. It is located 10 km east of the Kigali centre.

Kigali currently receives direct flights from Nairobi, Entebbe, Bujambura, Addis Abeba, Kilimanjaro, Brussles, Amsterdam, Dar es Salaam, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Juba, Lagos and Dubai via Mombasa.

It is also possible to take a bus from neighboring countries.

Getting Around

Rwanda has possibly the best roads in East Africa. Most visitors who have booked through our company will be provided with good private vehicles, usually 4-wheel drive. All of the major centers are connected with local and luxury bus services. Air charter services are available anywhere in the country.

Short distances within cities can be travelled either on foot or by taxi-velo (bicycle taxi). These are relatively inexpensive.

Motorcycle taxis (taxi moto) are the most popular in Kigali. These taxis can be identified by their jerseys and they always have an extra helmet. Most drivers speak basic English or French. Laws require moto-bikes to use helmets, and Rwandans abide by this.

Taxis are common and can be found at taxi stands in Kigali and provinces and they have specific bus stops. One may hire a special taxi or by calling them or if at any hotel, one may get the hotel reception calling taxi as most of hotels have a taxi station near them. They are more expensive than motorcycle taxis and other public buses.

“Matatus” are the white with green or yelow minibuses that travel across the country. Rwanda has a good local transportation system for inter-region connectivity, good road system, and has plenty of well-maintained and modern minibuses. Cars and drivers can be hired from Kigali, and most of the roads are well maintained. To make your trip more interesting, if consider driving from Kigali to other provinces of Rwanda, eg. Along lake Kivu, it is recommended that you get a 4×4 and travel with someone who knows the area or use the public transport (Matatus) as from the regional cars parking at Nyabugogo, each 30 minutes there are buses from different transport agencies linking Kigali to other cities of the country. Back country driving is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure.

How to Communicate in Rwanda

Rwanda has an excellent cell phone network covering almost the entire country. International phone calls can be made easily. Appropriate SIM cards for the network are readily available everywhere, even in remote towns, and cell phones can be purchased or rented from major shops in Kigali. Most towns of any size will have several Internet cafes and computer centers.

What time zone is Rwanda?

The entire country of Rwanda is in Central Africa Time Zone (UTC+02:00)

Is Rwandan Visa Required when under taking Safari to Rwanda?

A Rwanda Visa is required for all visitors except for nationals of the UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa Tanzania and Uganda (for a duration of less than three months).

For the rest of the unmentioned countries, the cost goes for about USD60, depending on the place of issue.  For fly in travelers, visas of recent are being issued at Kigali airport on arrival, and you can also usually buy visas at overland boarders.

Nationals of countries without an embassy can also obtain a visa on arrival by prior arrangement with their hosts, who can arrange a facilitate de’ entrée.

In case you plan on hiring a vehicle while in the country, do organize an international driving license (via one of the main motoring associations in a country in which you are licensed to drive), which you may be asked to produce together with your original license.

For Identification and security concern, just in case the worst comes to the worst, it’s advisable to detail all your identification information, make copies of it and distribute a copy into your luggage, your money-belt and definitely give some to close relatives and friends; make sure it includes; travelers cheque numbers and refund information, travel insurance policy details and 24-hour emergency contact number, passport number, details of relatives or friends to be contacted in an emergency, bank and credit card details, camera and lens serial numbers.

Importantly, include also email and contact information of your destination, company, organization or friends and family.



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